Vooplayer Review

Video / B Split Testing works even on Facebook:

Quickly and easily test hundreds of video ads Facebook Post one FB and see which converts better!

- Do you want to split test your videos directly to Facebook?
- Word to the wise: if you answered "no, you better start rethinking this whole" corporate thing "Not for you ..
- With vooPlayer, you can take one of two videos in one link and paste it directly into your page, group or profile.
- Watch video 50%, 50% watch the test video game B. Speed, engagement, social activity and optins ... and when finished, vooPlayer automatically displays the winner.
What is also amazing is that ... you will be able to choose the cheapest FB ads was never approved because the transport of video traffic warning after Facebook's cheap and Facebook likes you because you are now the Traffic on Facebook!

Hybrid Video Cloud-hosting with Dropbox:

You know what's great?

FREE Video Cloud Hosting with 100% uptime!
- VooPlayer is the only video player that allows you to unlock the full potential of Dropbox so you can stream videos directly from the server to the cloud Dropbox reliable ... no monthly fees or YouTube video hosting.
- This means that there are no distractions related to video occur when the video ends. Regardless of violations of any TOS term, you never heard of. And no monthly fees.
- This works even with the free basic Dropbox account. You should never pay the rates of return for new video hosting solutions.
- And if you want to select? You can still use YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Drive and more.

Streaming screen programming with automated Smart-Date:

Programming any video to automatically transmit certain dates or specific days and believe that if it is transmitted "live"
- Nothing Roches conversions that the urgency of video playback. Shame is an ass to coordinate.
- Powered by vooPlayer Smart-date, you can set the video to play on certain dates and times on complete autopilot.
- This is perfect for programming tutorials, replays webinar, commercial videos, films, documentaries and more. No other software needed!
- Then you can spend the day in the city and come home to find your seminar has accumulated a lot of pot sales. You have to go more often :)

Remarketing Intelligence Designed for movies:

Redirect only people who saw a certain percentage of your video, but do not buy ... and regain lost sales!
- When most people try to redirect video, they drop the cookie when the visitor reaches the page.
- What that visitor decides that they are not interested and leaves immediately. Hey, if you want a huge list of people who do not give a damn for your video, you can go for it. Fun Run ads to people who will never buy, genius.
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